Offshore Wind 

BOEM Activities (federal)
  • March 2021 - The Biden Administration announced its goal to development 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030 
  • May 2022 - BOEM Gulf of Maine Task Force Meeting and release of Gulf of Maine Wind Planning Area
  • Fall 2022 - BOEM to publish request for Interest of GOM OSW development
  • Fall 2023 - BOEM to designate Wind Energy Areas (WEA) in the GOM
  • Fall 2024 - BOEM to hold lease auction for GOM offshore wind farms
State of Maine Activities
  • March 2021 - The Biden Administration announced its goal to development 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030 
  • Oct 2020 - State of Maine receives $2 million federal grant to complete comprehensive plan for OSW called the Offshore Wind Roadmap
  • Nov 2020 -- The state of Maine announced its intention to move forward with OSW research array
  • July 2021 – Maine convenes OSW Roadmap Advisory Committee and selects site for research array off of Zone E in southern Maine
  • Oct 2021 – Maine submits research array application to BOEM for 15 mi2 (10,000 acres), 12 floating turbines, 144 MW
  • Summer 2022 – BOEM will publish a request for competitive interest for Research Array Site
  • 2022 - target date to complete OSW Roadmap
  • FMI 

Partners in the Offshore Wind Conflict: RODA 

  • The Responsible Offshore Development Alliance (RODA) is a broad membership-based coalition of fishing industry associations and fishing companies committed to improving the compatibility of new offshore wind development with their businesses. 
  • RODA works with regulatory agencies to ensure that the development of offshore wind does not create conflict with existing traditional and historical fishing including the Maine lobster fishery. 

Upcoming Meetings About Offshore Wind 



What is the MLA Doing? 

  • To keep up to date with developments in the offshore wind arena in the Gulf of Maine, the MLA has been diligently attending a wide range of offshore wind meetrings to ensure that Maine lobstermen have a voice.
  • The MLA is partnering with other commercial fishing groups in Maine and RODA to ensure the concerns of the commercial fishing industry are heard. 
  • Believing that collaboration is key to mitigate any concerns, the MLA is working with Governor Mill's Administration and federal agencies such as BOEM to ensure that the process of developing offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine is not rushed. It is important to address any and all environmental concerns that offshore wind may create as well as resolve potential conflicts with the Maine lobster fishery.