Lobster with Red Tags

If you catch a lobster tagged with a red T-bar marked “DMC” (pictured), please report details below to Everett Rzeszowski at UMaine by texting/ calling (207) 588-1759 or emailing [email protected].
Red Tagged Lobster_
What to report? Date, location, tag #, length, sex, egg status, v-notch status, cull status. Photographs of tag.
When? If you catch a lobster with a red T-bar “DMC” tag.
How? All information required can be reported by texting or calling (207) 588-1759. Photographs can be sent to (207) 588-1759 or[email protected].
Why? UMaine Darling Marine Center has partnered with Monhegan Island lobstermen to estimate lobster population in the Monhegan Island Lobster Conservation Area through a tagging study. 
Can you keep a tagged lobster? Yes. You can keep a tagged legal lobster. If you report keeping the lobster you will receive a raffle entry.
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