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Fishermen Encouraged to Watch Out for Bright Orange SAILDRONES in Eastern Gulf of Maine Beginning August 28, 2023

From NOAA Fisheries via NEFMC

Saildrone Gulf of Maine Mapping Project Announcement (click for charts and coordinates)

Fishermen who work in the eastern Gulf of Maine will want to be on the lookout for two wind-propelled surface vehicles that will be operating in the area from August 28 through October 18, 2023. These vehicles, called SAILDRONE VOYAGERs, are bright orange.

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Manomet Blue Crab Survey

DMR Announces the Following

This message has been sent on behalf of Manomet.

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Wells Harbor Dredge: Public Comments Sought Part 2

Notice to Lobstermen: Proposed Wells Harbor Dredge, Comments Due 7/25/23

DMR Solicits Public Comment Regarding the Maintenance Dredging of the Wells Harbor Town Anchorages

Pursuant to 38 M.R.S. §480-D, sub-§9, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is required to provide the Maine Department of Environmental Protection with an assessment on the impacts on the fishing industry of a proposed dredging operation. The Town of Wells is proposing maintenance dredging of two town anchorage areas within Wells Harbor to be conducted concurrently with US Army Corps of Engineers Federal Navigation Project maintenance dredging. The work consists of dredging of the town anchorage areas to a depth of 6 feet MLLW with allowance for up to 1 foot of overdredge to 7 feet MLLW. The proposed dredging entails removing approximately 19,800 cubic yards (cy) of sandy material from a total of 3.3 acres. A cutterhead pipeline dredge will remove the material and pump it to areas on Wells Beach for beach nourishment. Dredging work is proposed to be performed between November 9 and March 31. The timing for the town dredge will depend on the contractor’s schedule for the already approved federal project scheduled to take place between September 15 and March 31. Periodic maintenance dredging of the anchorages will occur every one to four years to maintain the majority of their authorized depths. The federal and town interim dredges may or may not occur together. If completed together, the dredging timeline, method, and beneficial reuse would be coordinated with the federal activities. If undertaken separately, it is likely that the town dredges will be done by a bucket dredge, with the effort focusing on the excessively shoaled areas in the anchorages. Placement will occur at the nearshore site off Wells Beach.

Written comments about this dredging project must be received by DMR at the email or mailing address listed below by 5:00 p.m. July 25, 2023Department of Marine Resources, Attn: Environmental Permit Review, 21 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333

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