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DMR Simplied Explanation of Addendum XVII

From Patrick Keliher, re: update on Addendum Twenty Seven

Since I issued the update on Addendum XXVII, I’ve learned that there is still some confusion around the timing of changes, so here is a simplified explanation for LMA1 harvesters.

NOTE: Every October the ASMFC Lobster Management Board (Board) will review trawl and ventless trap survey results to see if the 35% decline in the recruit abundance has occurred.  We are currently at a 23% decline in abundance, and at this point we can’t predict when the 35% decline will be reached. 

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2023 Spring Trawl Survey

The Spring ME-NH trawl survey conducted by the State of Maine, Department of Marine Resources is scheduled to begin May 1, 2023 in New Hampshire working east to Lubec. The more information we have regarding our fisheries, the better equipped we are to defend these resources and your livelihoods. The ME-NH trawl survey provides valuable information for the management of important commercially harvested species. Failure to complete the proposed tows could jeopardize the use of our data for state and federal lobster and finfish management. To address this, we will be increasing our efforts to move gear within the published tows.

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Wells Harbor Dredge: Public Comment Sought

Notice to Lobstermen: Proposed Wells Harbor Dredge

Solicitation of Public Comment Regarding the Wells Harbor Federal Navigation Project

 Pursuant to 38 M.R.S. §480-D, sub-§9, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is required to provide the Maine Department of Environmental Protection with an assessment on the impacts on the fishing industry of a proposed dredging operation.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District is proposing maintenance dredging of Wells Harbor and the Entrance Channel to remove approximately 170,000 cy of sandy material that will be placed at the nearshore placement site off Wells Beach.  The work consists of two parts: 1) full maintenance dredging of the Wells Harbor FNP features which include an 8-foot Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) entrance channel, adjoining settling basins, and a 6-foot MLLW inner channel and anchorage area; and 2) periodic maintenance dredging of portions of the FNP on an as-needed basis. Full maintenance dredging entails removing approximately 170,000 cubic yards (cy) of sandy material from the FNP, excluding the conservation easement. A cutterhead pipeline dredge will remove the material and pump it to areas on Wells and Drakes Island Beaches for beach nourishment. Full maintenance dredging work is proposed to be performed between September 15 and March 31 in the year(s) in which funds become available and will take approximately six months to complete. Periodic maintenance dredging of the FNP, primarily areas in the 8-foot entrance channel and settling basins (previously dredged to 12 feet deep) will occur every one to four years. A government-owned hopper dredge, such as the Currituck or Murden, will remove approximately 10,000 to 50,000 cy of material during each periodic dredging event. Placement will occur at the nearshore placement site off Wells Beach.

 Written comments or hearing requests about this dredging project need to be received by DMR at the email or mailing address listed below by 5:00 p.m. March 24, 2023.   

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Southwest Harbor Dredge Spring 2023 - UPDATED


Please be advised that Prock Marine Company will be dredging the Dysarts Great Harbor Marina in Southwest Harbor. Work will be starting on February 21th through March 31th 2023 Operations will be conducted daily from 0700 to 1700.

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Piscataqua River Dredge

Great Lakes Dock and Dredge, Inc. will be conducting maintenance and improvement dredging in Portsmouth Harbor and Piscataqua River, Newington, New Hampshire and Eliot, Maine starting 1 November 2021 to 1 April 2023. 

Operations will be conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and transiting the dredged material south to Nantasket Beach as well as to the Isle of Shoals North disposal site.  The attached haul route shows the width of the approved route.  Fishermen should remove gear from the haul route immediately.  Maine DMR works with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to provide notice to fishermen of these routes, but did not receive final confirmation of this route until today.  According to the USACE, dredging will begin on or about Nov 16th – the initial material SHOULD be going to MA nearshore sites BUT there is a possibility they may have some material would need to go to IOSN.  Blasting will begin in December, with all of that material going to IOSN. 

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Health Insurance Marketplace

Open Enrollment for 2022 coverage ended on January 15. You may still be eligible to enroll in coverage outside of the annual Open Enrollment period if you have a qualifying life event -- like losing the insurance you get through your job, getting married or divorced, or having a baby. These events would qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). If you qualify for MaineCare, you can apply any time through My Maine Connection.



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Lobster with Yellow bands

2021 & 2022:GMWSRS (Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station), phone # (506-662-3804) is conducting a berried lobster tagging project that will be carried out fall/winter in LFA 38. Each tag has GMWSRS contact info and a unique number, one for each lobster. They are interested in knowing where lobstermen might see these females.

We are continuing to deploy yellow ziptie tags, each with a unique number. This year the tags say “GMWSRS TXT 910-232-9567”   If you see a tagged lobster, please text her with the tag number and location of capture at that cell number. The easiest way is to take a snapshot of the tag number (see photo right) and one of your plotter, and text those to Heather’s phone. You can also call the research station landline at 506-662-3804, or email Heather at [email protected].

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Female Lobster Thermal Preference Study

We are going to attach small temperature loggers to some females. WE NEED TO GET THESE TAGS BACK TO GET THE DATA, so if you see one of these grey thermal tags, please remove it from the lobster and text Heather at 910-232-9567, and we will figure out how to get the tag from you.

Phone: 506-662-3804  Email: [email protected]

The grey TidbiT attached to the lobster can store up to 96,000 measurements and their information can be downloaded via bluetooth.

Lobster with Red Tags

If you catch a lobster tagged with a red T-bar marked “DMC” (pictured), please report details below to Everett Rzeszowski at UMaine by texting/ calling (207) 588-1759 or emailing [email protected].
Red Tagged Lobster_
What to report? Date, location, tag #, length, sex, egg status, v-notch status, cull status. Photographs of tag.
When? If you catch a lobster with a red T-bar “DMC” tag.
How? All information required can be reported by texting or calling (207) 588-1759. Photographs can be sent to (207) 588-1759 or[email protected].
Why? UMaine Darling Marine Center has partnered with Monhegan Island lobstermen to estimate lobster population in the Monhegan Island Lobster Conservation Area through a tagging study. 
Can you keep a tagged lobster? Yes. You can keep a tagged legal lobster. If you report keeping the lobster you will receive a raffle entry.